Case Study

Alela’s happy place

We made the decision to make the move to Geelong almost overnight after a year of lockdown and deciding we wanted to live in the region we loved so much.

Any chance we got we would come to Barwon Heads Cabin Park or an air bnb getaway. This was known as our “happy place”. During lockdown we had lost our entire house savings due to losing jobs, having to close our business and so the dream of one day owning a home where we lived was becoming slim and we started to become miserable.

So! One night (over a few reds!) we decided to move. I drove down on my own and looked at 5 rentals in Armstrong Creek and within 2 weeks we were here. We knew no one, I didn’t have a job to go to, no reason other than just knowing this was the place to be for our family. Within 4 months we had put a deposit on land to build our dream home, the same month I took this job on as Project Manager of TJB, the kids started kinder and school and we fell in love.

Since then, we have had our family move here also. My sister and her husband moving back from the USA to live a street away from us and my parents selling their home in the Dandenong Ranges to move and buy here also (also Armstrong Creek).

We have had countless parties with my family from Adelaide coming over and our friends in Sydney along with weekly quests coming from Melbourne to spend time at the beach with us, going to events in G town, breweries in Torquay…I could go on! I could also have made a fortune in commissions from all the houses sold because of our decision to move!!!